We Don't Want To Fail At This!

To be honest, I struggled with this blog post. I still have so much to learn about adoption. But I am trying. I am seeking. I am learning!

November is Adoption awareness month! I think it should be every month. Just one month to spread awareness is not enough. We should be educators everywhere we go. For our children. For other those who don't have a voice. This month I have been focused on learning more from birth mothers, birth fathers and birth family’s experiences with adoption. I have stayed up until 3 am listening to podcasts and getting very little sleep before our kids awake and I have to run off to work. Kalle and I have also been watching and reading anything we can get our hands on about adoption. It may be a little overboard, but we don’t want to fail at this. I don’t want to go into adoption not hearing and learning what it is like for a mother to place her child and leave the hospital without her baby. She has a voice and we have a responsibility to hear it. What I’ve learned from these brave women, is life changing and should be honored, no matter their circumstance or reasoning, they are strong brave women. We aren't here to judge, we are here to love and listen and LEAN IN! I also now see the bigger picture of adoption; even more than when we started this journey. We want to do our best to grow our child’s family structure, not destroy it. Involving the Birth Mother is important for us.

This month has also been spent finishing our paperwork. We’ve written our life story for someone to analyze and determine if we are legally allowed to be parents. The home study group we are using has a user-friendly platform to fill out the paperwork. This has made it easy to get through the layers and layers of documents and upload tons of family photos. This process has also made me realize that we need to take more family pictures of the four of us; one of us is always taking the picture!

As we come to the end of the paperwork portion and move into the Home Study phase, I am wondering, what do people do while they wait for a match? How many times do they check that their phone is working properly? How many times a day should we check our emails? What do you tell friends and family who ask every day for an update?

Kalle and I have discovered that during this time in our journey, we need a lot of patience. Patience with yourself, with each other, with the process…when you get tired, take a break. When you feel like giving up, don’t. Our children are counting on us!

- Amanda, Hopeful Adoptive Mom

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