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Hi, I am Mallory and I am the owner of A+R and co-founder of WT

Hi, I am Leah and I am the co-founder of WT and a birth mom who works closely with A+R clients and with Mallory.

Mallory: We are here to address some things that have been playing out this last week, specifically surrounding a video that was put out last week by Abby Johnson. We also want to say, we are not here because of the mob, we are here to speak after much prayer, wise counsel and discussions behind closed doors. This is our heart and what we have been wanting to say this week. We are hurt with you in this.

Leah: I want to stop right here and say we are not doing this video to bash people. To bow to the masses. We aren’t doing this video because people have asked us to repent. We are doing this video because we serve the Lord and we believe that He lovingly corrects us. We come in humility here to own up and recognize our blind spots.

Mallory: Here is a little background of what has transpired- last Thursday night we were sent a video of Abby Johnson addressing racial issues. We had her scheduled for a webcast the following night and didn’t have enough time to make all the necessary decisions to move or cancel that webcast. It was mentioned that we shouldn’t move forward. Looking back now, we wished we had made a different choice.

Leah: We had Abby on to discuss adoption in the pro-life community and how we all can make big changes in that community. There is so much to do in the pro-life community surrounding adoption. We felt this was a separate issue from the video.

Mallory: Then, on Monday, we were called by a fellow adoption educator and told that there were many who were angry and were about to speak out. Since then we have been infiltrated with comments and messages with opinions.

Leah: We have been having discussions behind closed doors for the last week with our previous affiliation, ProLove, and were asked not to speak. We have wrestled with this and have been walking through Matthew 18:15 with them. After much discussion and prayer, we have chosen to sever our affiliation with them. This is why we haven’t spoken yet directly on this issue until now. Mallory: We are sorry for the pain and hurt our silence has caused. We are sorry for the confusion our lack of response has caused. We are sorry to those who have put their trust in us, who are transracial adoptees, mothers and fathers to transracial adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees — we are sorry. Up until this point we haven’t been allowed to speak, but we are breaking our silence.

Leah: We operate differently. We take everything we do to the Lord and will always do that. We have much to learn, we make mistakes, we have blind spots, and we are willing to learn. We are willing to have dialogue. We want to see change in us and in this community.

Mallory: We do not stand for racism in any form, ever. We love those who have helped us to create content that provides perspective in transracial adoption that we don’t personally live. If you have been with us over the last 2 years, have seen our course and content, you will see that heart reflected.

Leah: Please remember we are human. We are here for constructive conversation that leads to reconciliation. We are here for dialogue. We are not here for attacks or bashing. If you have messaged us, we are working through messages to respond. Please be patient with us.

Mallory: Thank you for sitting with us through this, for those who have extended grace through this time. Our hearts are with this community that we love and fight for fiercely. Our hearts are with the clients we have and will serve, and the partnerships we have built.

Email We Sent To ProLove

Hi ProLove,

First, we want to say we have not come to this decision lightly. It has been a week of walking through much fire over a video we had nothing to do with and we still pray Abby will apologize to the people she has hurt because of the video.

We feel like at this time it is vital we sever our affiliation effective immediately. We are saddened at the inability we have had to address our community about our stance on racism, transracial adoption and Abby’s video. We feel like we’ve been put in a spot to choose between our affiliation and standing beside Abby or the very important relationships and friendships we have made over the last 2 years with this community. Our heart is not to bash anyone and will never be, but we will also not be muzzled to not address our community’s concerns and questions about our stance.

We have also learned that other affiliates with ProLove will be being attacked here soon and we will not stand by and let that happen. As the affiliation leader, we felt it is, and was, your responsibility to lead and stand up for your affiliates, even publicly. We should not take the fall for something that someone else said, which is what is happening. We will be addressing these issues with our community and sharing our stance.

We are sad it has come to this and we pray the other affiliates are not attacked and railroaded the same way we have been. Please remove us from the website as soon as possible.

We are praying for each of you!

Mallory + Leah

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