So, How is Woven Together Course Different?

There are lots of adoption education resources out there, and we love that people have choices and different voices to lean into!

However, Woven Together’s approach is a bit different.

With a gentle faith-based perspective, we dive into not just logical preparation for adopting but also unveil heart issues that can affect everyone in the adoption triad.

This is a glimpse into our Woven Together course.

How does Woven Together benefit you?

It comes with a physical workbook!

That’s right. Not just an ebook or printables, a beautifully designed workbook mailed to you comes included within the course price. It’s 100 pages packed with places to take notes, extra content, check lists, and heart preparation questions. There is nothing out there like this! Use it to document your journey, remember what you’ve learned, and refer back to as the years go by.

Gets to the heart of why and how to adopt for healthier outcomes.

Using the workbook along with the course, it will prompt you to not just learn, but also reflect and to start having these conversations now, which in turn helps to build a strong family! You’ll be learning from experts and guests who have walked their own adoption journey in some perspective, who help share from their experiences why approaching adoption differently is important. The heart check questions in the workbook help bring it home to you personally to help you think through what areas you need to pray about and work through before adopting.

This is one of the interior chapters of the workbook.

Starts your adoption journey with an open heart and mind for a lifetime relationship with your child’s birth family.

Your heart and mindset are so important! If you approach adoption with fear and jealousy, that insecurity will leak onto your child and the birth family, even unintentionally, and no matter what degree of openness you will have. Deal with those hard feelings now so that you can move forward healed.

Builds a strong foundation that will benefit your child.

We see the difference in families everyday that we work with who use the education they receive and allow it to soften their hearts. When your heart and mindset are soft, loving, and understanding of what the other side of the triad experiences, that builds a secure family foundation that can include ALL the important pieces that your child will need in their life to grow and thrive. When you child may be struggling with adoption emotions, you will learn how to be their safe place.

Includes a certificate of completion for adoption professional requirements.

When you complete the online course videos, readings, and quizzes, you will be emailed a certificate of completion to provide proof to your adoption professional. We estimate this course will take around 11 hours to complete (1 hour per session).

This, of course, largely depends on you! The online section might only take 30-45 minutes, but if you are utilizing the workbook to really dig deep, do the reflection questions, have conversations and begin planning how you will approach adoption with your spouse, the time could be longer.

Enjoy lifetime access so you can keep coming back to refresh!

We know that adoption is not a one time learn-and-done-thing (after all, we are still learning as we go too!). There are so many different phases, steps, new challenges and questions that arise as the months and years go by. That’s why we felt lifetime access to the videos and content would be so beneficial so that you can come back as a new questions come. Refresh on a topic any time you need!

The course officially launches October 24th, 2019!

Check out the Woven Together website and sign up for the email list to learn more and get exclusive discount launch code.

This is the cover of the workbook. This comes with each course, but can also be found on Amazon!

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