Our Unique Story- Part 2

February 9th, 2018, the day our life changed forever. There are so many events that took place leading up to this moment. 

8 months and 8 days of officially being a waiting family. 16 times of having our profile book shown. 16 times of being passed up by other families. Months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds of waiting. To some 8 months doesn’t seem that long and in the grand scheme of life it really isn’t, but it seems like eternity when walking through

the wait.

On Tuesday February 6th, 2018 we received a situation to consider (an email). This baby was to be born towards the end of April in another state and would be born with Down syndrome. Nic and I hadn’t really discussed Down syndrome specifically so this opened our hearts to discuss what the scenario would look like for our family. Ultimately, we passed on having our profile book shown to this family due to all the unknowns involved, the distance the baby was from our home, all things familiar and the added costs for crossing state lines.

Fast forward to Thursday February 8th, 2018 11:13am, a time that will forever be stamped in our lives. We received another email of a situation to consider that was seeking immediate placement for a healthy baby boy born with Down syndrome. All we talked about for the years leading up to this email was a healthy baby and there it was in writing, HEALTHY. I rushed home on my lunch break at noon to discuss this situation to consider with Nic just like we had done with every email before this one and the reasons we could parent this precious kiddo. We couldn’t think of one reason to not have our profile book shown. In fact, I knew from the moment I walked in to our house to talk with Nic that this was our baby. I just knew deep in my heart this was it. 

Once we notified the adoption agency to show our profile book to the expectant mom, the wait began again. This time the waiting seemed so different. So different in the sense that we were just waiting to get the call to go pick up our baby from the hospital. We decided to go about our day as normal or as normal as possible. It was nearly impossible to stay focused at work the rest of the afternoon. 

That evening I was having my very first Mom's in Waiting small group at my house. Towards the end of 2017 I decided to start a small group at my church to help build community with future moms that had struggled with infertility, miscarriage, or on the journey of adoption like us. This was our first meeting so there was no way I could

cancel on these precious ladies. Nic left the house around 6:15pm to go work at a local coffee shop so I could have the house all to myself. At 6:28pm our adoption specialist called. This was the call, the call we were waiting for. She asked if Nic was with me so I told her he had just stepped out. She proceeded to tell me that the expectant mom viewed our profile and picked Nic and I to parent her baby boy. In the meantime, one of the ladies in my new small group arrived at my house. While on the call of a lifetime I’m pointing her towards the kitchen to get some chicken tenders and to make herself at home. 

I quickly called Nic and let him know that he was going to be a dad and that he needed to go purchase a car seat before stores closed. That night couldn’t go by fast enough. We tried our hardest to get some sleep and woke up the next morning to what was to become the best day of our lives. While on the way to the hospital we got a call from our

agency letting us know that some things had changed.  We weren’t just going to the hospital to meet our son but we were actually going to be taking him home as they were discharging him that very day. 

Once we arrived to the hospital one of the ladies from our adoption agency met us in the lobby to get checked in. Honestly, I don’t remember all the detail of the conversation other than our son was having some routine testing done and that we were going to go ahead and meet his birth mom. The moment we stepped foot in to the hospital room we

heard a very cheerful woman calling for us to sit on the bed next to her. Over the course of the next several hours she told us how excited she was for US to be adopting her son. It felt like a scene of a movie. About one hour past before the nurses rolled in a precious baby boy. Nash was having routine testing done when we met his birth mom so once he was wheeled in to the room she scooped him up out of the bassinet and handed him over to me (Nic was too much of a basket case). Nash was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid my eyes on and he immediately felt like family. 

During the adoption process we sometimes found ourselves facing fears like: would we be good enough parents, would we face bonding issues, would the placement feel natural. But from the moment we held him all these fears vanished. Bonding came naturally for all of us, but part of me wanders if it has something to do with him hearing his birth mom and our voices all together. We couldn’t have dreamed of a smoother placement day where love was being shared in every second of the day. As we exited the hospital that day we were even stopped by a stranger who said that Nash looked just like Nic. We were officially a family! 

As we look back on all the adventures, memories, and growth that the 3 of us have taken on over the past year we sit in amazement that this is real life. What once seemed like a far off dream became reality and it’s been the best year of our lives.

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With love,

Nic, Jen and Nash


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