Is This Right?

How do you know when it’s the right time to present to an expectant mom?

When it comes to adoption and being matched, every agency/consultant does things a little bit differently. In our case, we get emails about every available situation. The email contains everything that is known about the expectant mom; family history, health/social history, race/gender of the baby, expectations and cost. If we decide that an expectant mom meets our criteria, then we tell our consultant that we would like to have our profile presented.

We have presented our profile three times and we have gotten three no’s. Those no’s have been so hard but we just keep trying to remind ourselves that it’s going to make getting our yes so much sweeter!

Depending on the week, we can get two emails or we can get ten emails! With each email we find ourselves questioning each other; is this our perfect situation?! Will this be the mom we present to? It’s so hard to know. From my experience so far, all I can tell you is to pray and really talk about every detail with your spouse. There can be some situations that make you uncomfortable and that’s okay! Some situations aren’t for everyone.

With every situation we’ve presented to, we’ve made sure that it doesn’t exceed our budget and we are comfortable with the degree of openness the expectant mama is asking for in the future.

After submitting your profile, there’s nothing else to do except pray, wait and trust. The first situation we presented to led to a two week wait and that felt like the longest wait of my life. I was busy planning everything in my head of what we would be able to do if we were chosen. Let me tell you right now, that’s a bad idea! My advice is to try and go about your normal life, while praying for the expectant mom and her baby.

God won’t give you the wrong baby, so no matter what trust in Him and always remember that your time is coming!

- Valerie, Hopeful Adoptive Mom


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