Holiday Gift Guide- Hopeful/Adoptive Parent

Holidays, birthdays and any occasion for that matter can come with an extra level of stress as you scurry to find the perfect gift for your loved one who has been touched by adoption. There always seems to be a looming pressure to getting the "right" gift, but sometimes that comes with an impersonal feel to the gift you ultimately choose.

We have created this gift guide to spark new ideas of unique items you could gift to your child/the adoptee in your life or at least lead you to an idea for your unique situation! We hope this helps!

The guide below coordinates by number to the social media graphic we posted on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Adoption Journal

With the advice of many adoptive mamas and those in the thick of adoption, this journal was created! The hope is that this journal will be a designated spot to pour your heart and requests out to the Lord. 

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2. Woven Together Triad Necklace

This necklace is a reflection of a community united together, with all voices of the adoption triad woven and stronger together. Arrow + Root wanted to create a necklace as a reminder of the strength of being woven together in our families and community by God's love.

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3. Adoption Built Us Mug

A sweet modern mug that serves as a reminder to how your family came together!

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4. Wall Hanging

This adorable muslin wall hanging is a great addition to your picture walls or decor in your little one's room. It allows the walls of our homes to echo these precious reminders.

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5. Reminder Cards

Beautifully crafted scripture cards in three different options. Each card is beautifully designed with an encouraging scripture to give hope and comfort through your day.

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6. Mom Box

This box is curated by moms for moms! Items range from personal care items to little touches to light up your day!

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7. Beneath the Tapestry Devotional

Beneath the Tapestry devotional walks alongside hopeful adoptive parents and families through the process of adoption and beyond. Natalie Schram shares her family’s stories of completing their first home study, finding adoption experts to support them, walking through the tangled mess of fear and unknowns, battling through spiritual warfare, experiencing unsightly beauty, and navigating life after placement.

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8. Birth Box- Keepsake

This memory keepsake box was designed and created to have a tangible place to store all of the keepsakes, photos & letters throughout the year. Inside the box are (optional) drawstring bags to help keep the keepsakes organized. Not only was The Birth Box inspired to be a gift given to birth parents from adoptive parents, but it was also created with adoptees in mind.

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