Holiday Gift Guide- Birth Mom Edition

Holidays, birthdays and any occasion for that matter can come with an extra level of stress as you scurry to find the perfect gift for your child's birth mom/parent. There always seems to be a looming pressure to getting the "right" gift, but sometimes that comes with an impersonal feel to the gift you ultimately choose.

We have created this gift guide to spark new ideas of unique items you could gift to your child's birth mom or at least lead you to an idea for your unique situation! We hope this helps!

The guide below coordinates by number to the social media graphic we posted on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Chatbooks-

Chatbooks's mission is to strengthen families. While creating a book, you can easily and seamlessly upload photos from Google Photos or from your social media account to Chatbooks and create personal books with some of your favorite photos! This is an easy way to share special moments with a birth parent.

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2. Sam's Sister-

The author, Juliet, wrote Sam’s Sister while working with birth mothers who struggled to explain their open adoption plans/journey to the children they were parenting (pre or post placement). This is a great way for the birth mom in your life to share with the children she parents what their role as birth siblings look like.

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3. Woven Together Triad Necklace-

This necklace is a reflection of a community united together, with all voices of the adoption triad woven and stronger together. Arrow + Root wanted to create a necklace as a reminder of the strength of being woven together in our families and community by God's love.

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4. Adoption Triad Necklace-

This necklace can be worn by birth mom, adoptive mom, and adopted daughter alike. Gently hammered precious metals and a tiny freshwater pearl complete the necklace.

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5. Being You Journal-

This journal is for birthmothers, who need help navigating their open adoption relationship. BEING YOU focuses more on relationships after placement. Birth moms now will have access to the 'how' to have healthy relationships with others post-placement, including their child, their child's adoptive parents, dating, marriage, and their child's siblings. BEING YOU covers topics like fitting in vs. belonging, pregnancy after placement, sibling connections, and healthy conflict. It creates a space to process the long-term effects of being a birthmother and think through how to engage in the adoption relationship throughout the life of the child.

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6. Laurel Box-

Laurel Box offers thoughtfully curated gift boxes designed to nourish the heart after loss (adoption is a loss). Laurel Box will help nourish their heart during a difficult time. Boxes can be customized.

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7. Birth Mom Strong Necklace-

Birth moms, this one is for you and only you. May you know how much you matter, and that you will always be a momma and deserve to wear that title with honor.

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8. Encouragement Truth Cards-

Beautifully crafted scripture cards in three different options. Each card is beautifully designed with an encouraging scripture to give hope and comfort through your day. Great to be paired with another gift or be given by itself.

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