Holiday Gift Guide- Adoptee Edition

Holidays, birthdays and any occasion for that matter can come with an extra level of stress as you scurry to find the perfect gift for your loved one who has been touched by adoption. There always seems to be a looming pressure to getting the "right" gift, but sometimes that comes with an impersonal feel to the gift you ultimately choose.

We have created this gift guide to spark new ideas of unique items you could gift to your child/the adoptee in your life or at least lead you to an idea for your unique situation! We hope this helps!

The guide below coordinates by number to the social media graphic we posted on Facebook and Instagram.

1. The Birth Poster-

In a 1:1 scale, The Birth Poster provides you with unique and timeless illustrations that are personalized to your child’s actual length at birth. Cherish the birth of your child with the perfect keepsake that reminds you of how small your baby was when you first met.

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2. Woven Together Triad Necklace-

This necklace is a reflection of a community united together, with all voices of the adoption triad woven and stronger together. Arrow + Root wanted to create a necklace as a reminder of the strength of being woven together in our families and community by God's love.

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3. Figure in Bonfire Orange-

Minimalist feminine figure with red, orange and yellow afro. Bring your child's culture into your home in a unique way. This is a beautiful painting created by a transracial adoptee herself.

Orders cannot be placed online. Please email Torie directly at with inquiries.

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4. Adoption Means Wanted Shirt-

This shirt is availble in child and adult sizes. It's a great reminder that adoption means wanted. Wanted by biological parents and wanted by adoptive parents. This beautiful statement was made by the daughter (who is an adoptee) of the creator of the shirt.

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5. Watercolor Adoption Story Timeline-

This one-of-a-kind portrait (made by an adoptee) is perfect for families to share and remember their unique adoption journey. This would make a wonderful present as a remembrance piece!

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6. Quiver Full Adoption Cards-

These cards are intended to equip your child with their own personal story of adoption. These alphabet cards were created by the Quiver Full Adoption team and designed by an adult adoptee. They cover small and hard talking points that allows you to communicate and have great discussion with your child as you all process their adoption, good and hard!

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7. Through Adopted Eyes-

Through Adopted Eyes explores the world of adoption from the viewpoint of adoptees. Russian adoptee, Elena S. Hall, shares her own story and thoughts on the subject of adoption in addition to interviews from other adoptees of different ages, heritages, and perspectives. Whether you are an adoptive parent, curious about adoption, or an adoptee yourself, this unique collection of memoirs provides real insight into lives directly impacted by adoption.

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8. Child Keepsake Box-

This personalized baby keepsake box is a beautiful gift and is perfect for safely storing gorgeous mementos. The box is a perfect size for photographs, cards and in years to come, it can be used to store first drawings, loved threadbare toys, first curl of hair and every precious memory. It can be a special collection of items that you gift to your child later in their life, or you allow them to participate in adding items to!

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