"My goal is to educate and guide you through your adoption relationships to be open-hearted and minded towards the whole triad's needs. When your heart is open, your child and their birth family involved have a healthy, happier adoption experience along with you as the adoptive parents." 

Facts about Leah:
  • She's a birth mom of 16 years and has an open adoption.
  • She parents 5 children with her husband.
  • She is a follower of Jesus.
  • She loves sniffing oils and focusing on natural health.
  • Cats and mugs are two of her favorite things!

Her role with Arrow + Root

You will receive an hour of completely confidential, non-judgmental, open and honest phone consultation with Leah prior to starting your profile book writing process. The purpose of your call will be to ask Leah questions that will help you along your own adoption journey and discover what unique pieces you should include for personality and transparency. Leah especially advocates for open adoption and would love to share the heart of a birth mom with you, to help show that birth moms aren’t so scary and why they are important to your future child’s life. Whether you are waiting to adopt or already have your little one and a birth family in your lives, she can help navigate those special relationships. You also will have her as part of your village to ask questions as you are working on your profile, and beyond.

For your call, come with questions!

  • How can we have an open adoption if we don't live near the birth parents?

  • Is open adoption co-parenting?

  • When should we tell our child about adoption or their birth parents?

  • Is open adoption confusing for your birth child?

  • What does she call you?

  • How does a birth mom feel about ____ (gifts, mother’s day, holidays, visits, etc.)

  • How often should we visit?

  • What are visits like? Where do you go?

  • What if our other adopted child doesn’t have the same open relationship?

  • What might the hospital experience look like?

  • What is an adoption placement ceremony?

  • What ways did her adoptive parents include and love you throughout the years?

Commonly asked:

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