Common Questions

How long does it take?

Our process takes on average about 6 weeks. It varies on how quickly we get items from you on the front end, but this does include your call with Leah, designing your book, and shipping. Note, this is the average!

Do you require pro photos?

We don't require them, but we strongly suggest them. Professional photos in key areas of your book elevate it to a more appealing visual level. Don't worry, we have info for your photographer!

How are you different?

We aren't just a profile company! We also strive to cultivate community for all sides of the triad on our blog and through our social media platforms. You will also receive LIFELONG support from us through our closed client FB group, which is packed full of education, resources and videos.

How do I get you my stuff?

We make this SUPER SIMPLE. We have an online client portal that will guide you step by step. You'll fill out the questionnaire and upload your photos to the appropriate tabs provide. That's all, we handle the rest!

Do I have to talk with Leah?

Yes! Talking with Leah, the birth mom on our team, plays a VITAL role in understanding the expectant parent point of view. She is also a sounding board for you to talk through fears, boundaries and relationship building.

How do you know it works?

We have done extensive research and collaborated with many post- placement birth parents on what made them feel honored and respected when viewing a book. Because of this effort, most of our clients get chosen within just

1-3 presentations! 

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